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Mr. Richard
3rd Degree Black Belt

Years of Training: 20 years

I started karate when I was 4 years old. My original intention to start was to beat up my older brother. Unfortunately he was already a blue belt in the same studio and has at least 8 years on me. After slowly progressing, I made larger strides when I reached my purple belt. From there, I began competing on a monthly basis. As time progressed, karate enveloped my life. I was in the studio almost every day and I competed almost every weekend. It wasn’t till my brother left for college and I became a brown belt when I became infatuated with Kenpo and actually enjoyed going. I was quite successful in tournaments and probably won over 200 trophies, including grand championships. Luckily for me, I grew up with the system so my body was able to form to the system in a fluid like manner. Instead of recollecting certain moves, it became almost second nature to me. Throughout the years, karate was taught me to be patient, strong willed, determined, and respectful. I owe my upbringing and the man who I am today, to the karate studio.

Teaching Philosophy
Martial Law or adapt to the student’s strengths, then practice practice practice.

An Interesting Thing About Myself
Never broke a bone

Favorite Karate Move
Enter the Dragon, Fist of Legend, Rush Hour movies, and Rumble in the Bronx

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