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Ms. Rania
First Degree Black Belt

Years of Training: 9 years
When I first came into the studio, I was 5 and only came to watch my dad train. After watching really closely, I started to imitate what they did in the classes. I would then run around our home doing the 'cool moves Daddy did last night'. When I was almost 6, I got started with Ms. Sandy and her Little Warriors class for younger children. I quickly moved to the regular kid's class where I met my training buddies and rivals. This was when my motivation changed from wanting to 'go Super Saiyan on the bad guys' to becoming the best in the class and finally to get my black belt. When I was a yellow belt, I walked over to the wall with all the pictures of black belts of the studio and pointed up, declaring I would be there one day with Mr. Georgion and classmates watching; I still remember doing that quite clearly.

Tournaments motivated and inspired me to train even harder. When I got to brown belt, I changed my goal from getting my black belt to becoming the best martial artist I could become. My goal is still the same as what I changed it to when I was a brown belt, and I do not plan to stop any time soon.

Teaching Philosophy:  Anyone can learn, but everyone learns differently. Be patient as well. Kids and adults are not alike.

An Interesting Thing About Myself:  Hobby artist

Favorite Karate Move:  Outward-Inward Jumping Crescent Kick. I love this move because it uses both forms of the crescent kick and because I love jumping.

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