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Mr. Nick
First Degree Black Belt

Years In Karate: 11

History:  I joined the school when I was in sixth grade.   A friend of mine, who was also a student at the school convinced me to join.  After joining, I cam into train as often as I could.   I made steady progress through the system.  My development continued until my freshman year of high school.   That same year, I fractured my wrist. Despite this injuyr I still came to train, though there were some things that I was not able to do.  Aside from my regular training, I also began training in Iron Palm.

By the time I left high school, I had reached forst degree brown and began the preparations for earning my Black Belt.  S hortly after, I entered college and my training began to slow down.   When I was not at college, I would return home and resume training.  In the summer fo 2012, I began intensive training with several others for my black belt test.  The test took place that August and after 10 years, I had finally reached my black belt. This was a very significant achievement for me!   However, I have not stopped my training, it is ongoing.

Teaching Philosophy:  One on one training yields the best results
Training hard… Do the best you can every time…it could save your life

Interesting Thing About Myself
Archery is one of my hobbies.

Favorite Karate Move:  Roundhouse kick

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