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Professor Ron Jimenez
6th Degree Black Belt

Years In Karate: 42
He started studying Judo / Aikido in 1971, but when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1976, he switched to Tae Kwon Do. After excelling in Tae Kwon Do, Professor Jimenez began training in Kenpo Karate under the instruction of Master Jim Mitchell. He received his black belt in Kenpo in 1984.  Professor Jimenez tested for his 6th degree black belt in 2005 under the instruction of Master Tom Georgion and Si-Gung Antwione Alferos of the Whipping Willow Association.

How many tournaments have you participated in?
Close to 100 tournaments including:

  • Ed Parker International Martial Arts Tournament
  • San Diego Grand Internationals
  • Long Beach International Karate Championships
  • Boston International Karate Tournament

What's playing on your iPod?
Elvis (of course) and Journey

Why do you think others should take martial arts?
Martial arts develops self confidence, self defense, balance and all-around wellness. Anyone at any age can participate and I just love teaching it.

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