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More About Master Tom Georgion

Master Thomas Georgion was raised in Southern California, and as a youth he took every advantage of the ideal weather conditions in the San Diego area. From playing army in the canyons around his home to playing football at the neighborhood park, sports and outdoor games were a way of life.

After three years in college, Master Georgion was drafted into the army as a light arms infantry soldier, or foot soldier. After basic and advanced basic training in Northern California he was sent to the republic of Vietnam for a years’ tour of duty. "I didn’t want to go because of the times. I knew I would be going to Vietnam and fighting a war.

It was 1968 and it was an unpopular war. I wanted to stay home and surf." In the republic of Vietnam Master Georgion trained and went into smaller and smaller groups, ending is Reconnaissance and scouts. He learned to rely upon himself and his team for survival. He received several medals including the Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, and Air Medal with clusters.

After his two year commitment to his country, he returned to San Diego to take up his life again. He returned to his job in the airlines industry and began his Martial Arts training in earnest. Master Georgion enrolled as a student of Jan Sumara, a Black Belt instructor under the renowned Kajukenpo co-founder Master Adriano D. Emperado, but after a year of training with Sensei Sumara, conflicting schedule changes at work and home forced
Master Georgion to discontinue his training.

Undaunted, Master Georgion took full advantage of his next opportunity and began training with Master Parker Linekin, a student of Brian Adams who was a notable student of American Kenpos’ Grand Master Edmund K. Parker ( the father of American Kenpo).

As a student of Master Linekins’ Master Georgion trained in the basic levels the first year and then began training as an instructor, warming up group classes and eventually teaching full classes of all underbelt levels. After six years of teaching and training under Master Linekin he earned his Black Belt and became a full time instructor.

For the next six years Master Georgion continued to train, advancing to third degree and becoming Master Linekin’s chief instructor. During this time Master Georgion also cross trained in Tai Chi, Escrima, Wing Chun and Chin Na, as well as guns and knives.

As Master Georgion continued his training with Si-Gung Antwoine Alferos and joining Si-Gung's family. Master Georgion and Si-Gung Antwoine co-founded the Whipping Willow Association to Promote the growth of the Martial Arts under the guidance of Senior Advisor Ming Lum.

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